What is an invention?

An invention is "the discovery or creation of a new material (either a new manufactured product or a new composition or matter), a new process, a new use for an existing material, or any improvements of any of these."

Inventions are easy to define but can be difficult to recognize.

Inventions through research

Inventions may result from university research; however, new knowledge that is publishable is not necessarily an invention.

It can sometimes be difficult to identify which part of a complex research effort might constitute an invention. To avoid overlooking inventions, err on the side of inclusion.

Inventions may include:

  • New technologies
  • Biological materials
  • Computer software
  • Copyrightable materials
  • New tools or processes developed to meet a particular research objective

Researchers should contact the IP Services and let IP managers secure a professional evaluation for novel developments from research. IP Service managers work with Commercial Enterprises, a partnership between Utah State University and the USU Research Foundation to identify and secure licensee

If you think you have an idea or invention, notify IP Services.