Guidelines on Agreements

The University does not assign its intellectual property ownership to other parties including sponsors of research. However, the University does make such intellectual property available for commercialization through license agreements which are subject to royalty and fee obligations as well as performance standards. Utah State University is willing to consider any proposed relationship that is mutually advantageous and which is consistent with the University Mission.

Agreements related to Utah State University research programs are subject to the approval of the Vice President for Research. The Contracts and Grants Office administers sponsored research agreements and other agreements related to the funding of research programs.

The University is also subject to the Utah Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) which allows the University to keep confidential proprietary research and technology information of the University and of private enterprise in the possession of the University. A filing of a Business Confidentiality Claim with the University by the private provider of confidential information may be required to insure confidentiality.