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Content Insertion Within a Router- Opportunistic Advertising

The online marketing industry has skyrocketed over the past several years. The Internet has changed the practice of marketing significantly over the last decade, and continues to be a vibrant and ever changing channel, providing advertisers with broad offerings that enable them to promote their brands using a highly cost effective platform. The online advertising market is expected to continue growing and reach $50.3 billion in revenue by 2011. Advancing beyond current advertising techniques, a researcher at Utah State University has developed a software solution that could be installed into hardware, such as a router, with the ability to insert text, pictures, hypertext, banners, etc., into a web page or email without altering the original message. This novel technology can be used to insert highly targeted advertising, as it relates to information already traveling over the Internet, time of day, etc..
Features and Benefits
  • Internet advertising
  • Email advertising
  • Text message advertising
  • Communications systems
  • Secure and timely delivery of information through multiple communication pathways, increasing advertising opportunities
  • Targeted dissemination of information, increasing effectiveness of advertisement campaigns to specific groups
  • Tremendous software flexibility, narrowing advertising on a national, state, regional, local, or international level
This software is installed in a router or other hardware capable of automatically inserting text, pictures, hypertext, or banners into a web page, email, text message, image, streaming video, or text document. The router reads the passing internet material, then it intelligently selects the content insertion information that will be passed through to the next router and this pattern continues until the selected material arrives at a computer. As the information is passed through the router the software will insert the selected text or graphic, without altering the original message. This simply adds a targeted text or information to the material that is traveling to a computer or handheld device.
Development Stage
Patent Pending
Glenn Whichard
Senior Commercialization Associate
Physical Sciences
(435) 797-9604
Reference: W07013