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Cancer Fighting Laulimalide Composition

Utah State University seeks a company interested in licensing a proprietary composition that utilizes technology to battle uncontrolled cell growth. Cancer is the abnormal, unregulated growth of cells. Cancers, neoplastic diseases, are a major cause of death among humans. In 2008 it is predicted that there will be 1.5 million cancer cases in the United States alone. A novel laulimalide composition has been developed at USU which is effective for drug resistive neoplastic diseases. This novel composition can be used by itself or in addition to current treatments for cancers, and it provides a new composition which is not subject to the resistance of current treatments.
Features and Benefits
  • Individual treatment of cancers
  • A combination of treatment for cancers
  • Inhibits uncontrolled growth of cells
  • Circumvents glycoprotein mediated drug resistance, creating unique treatment
  • No previous resistivity exists, allowing more effective and additional treatment
The laulimalide composition battles the uncontrolled growth of cells by disrupting the microtubule polymerization used in the mitotic spindle. The formation of the mitotic spindle is a key element in cell growth. By disrupting the microtubule formation of the mitotic spindle, cell growth is stunted and uncontrolled growth is impeded. This disturbs the rapid uncontrolled growth of cancers.
Development Stage
The laulimalide composition has been successfully created and tested on mammalian neoplastic cells. Initial tests have shown positive effects on the impedence of uncontrolled cell growth.
U.S. Patent No. 7,435,754
Berry Treat
Senior Commercialization Associate
Life Sciences
(435) 797-4569
Reference: W99026