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Livestock Judging ScoreCardTM Software

Youth livestock judging is a popular and educational activity that involves thousands of youth nation-wide. For many livestock judging contests, scoring the results for teams and contestants is a difficult task.  Most livestock judging contests rely on the Hormel system or older computer programs to calculate the scores of these contests which, in certain cases, can be cumbersome. Developed by a researcher at Utah State University, the new Livestock Judging ScoreCard™ is a fully automated software program designed to more easily calculate both team and contestant scores. Livestock judging contest managers can enter any number of teams and individuals into the program.  In addition to storing the contest and class names, users can enter official placings and basis of grade values for up to ten judged classes, one cull/keep class and five reasons classes. For county agents, FFA advisors, and others who manage livestock judging contests, the Livestock Judging ScoreCard can simplify the process of managing teams, contestants and their resulting scores in an efficient and timely manner.
Features and Benefits
  • County agents
  • FFA advisors
  • Livestock managers
  • Livestock show contestants
  • Newer software, allowing for easy score calculation
  • Adaptability, allowing for team and individual settings
  • Various report options, allowing for more efficient scoring and reporting
The Livestock Judging ScoreCard software includes several useful reports.  These include a contestant list, a randomized contestant list for reasons judges; judging cards (either individual or page format) for contestants; detailed team and contestant placings for judged events, reasons classes and test scores.  Additionally, the program features a class histogram showing what proportion of contestants fall into each of the 24 scoring possibilities.
Development Stage
Software is developed and currently in use.
Allan Wood
Commercialization Associate
Technology Commercialization Office
(435) 797-2515
Reference: W07045