About IP Services

Intellectual Property Services, a university unit within Commercial Enterprises, is fully dedicated to helping USU faculty and staff protect intellectual property. IP Services managers will support USU community members as they disclose their novel technologies and assist in technology commercial development. IP managers ensure that all obligations to sponsoring entities are met.

What do we do?

We manage the commercial aspects of creative works at USU by: 

  • creating the appropriate forms and procedures for disclosing creative works
  • helping inventors/creators complete these forms and review all disclosures
  • evaluating the legal validity and commercial appeal of potential inventions and ideas

We assist faculty and staff in understanding the technology transfer process by:

  • formulating development plans for meritorious creative works
  • marketing the concepts to private industry
  • facilitating the formation of new businesses
  • assisting in securing development funding for promising technologies

Who is the Intellectual Property Services team: